Cleghorn Oil Service and Maintenance

24 hour service when you need us

Trust us—we don’t like to be cold in the dead of winter, either. So it’s our job to make sure your system’s always running at peak performance. That means our service team will work with you to schedule routine maintenance to ensure consistent comfort.

Our team of licensed technicians uses optimal test equipment to ensure your repair or tune-up is completed properly. The Cleghorn family only hires experienced technicians who are professional, friendly, and over-the-top responsible. Your home will be left as clean as when our team arrived.

Equipment not working?

If your equipment is not working try these helpful tips:

  • Emergency switches are turned on
  • The circuit breaker has been reset
  • Thermostats are set to the heat mode and are set high enough to call for heat
  • Boiler water level and pressure are at proper levels
  • Make sure you have fuel

If your heating equipment still is not working please call 978-345-4188. We are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.