Service Plans

Cleghorn Oil Service Plans

Different choices for different needs

We offer you a few levels of service plans so you can be covered for every situation. Whether your heating system is old or new, Cleghorn has you all set with preventive maintenance and the option to protect yourself against potential repair costs.   What’s more is that all of our service plans also cover your fuel tank – including replacement!

Ultimate Service Plan:

The Ultimate plan is our best and most comprehensive program. You never pay for a service or a repair due to mechanical failure, even if the boiler, furnace or oil tank requires replacement. Your annual tune-up is included, and all parts and labor are covered. You’ll incur charges only if we need to bring your equipment up to code.


Primary “A/G” Service Plan:

The “A” stands for annual tune-up. The “G” is for tune-ups based on a gallons-used interval. We offer tune-ups after each 1,500 to 2,000 gallons of usage. These plans cover the oil burning and safety components of your system and include periodic or annual maintenance and repairs to the covered parts during regular business hours.


Terms and conditions apply.  Please contact the office for a full listing of what is covered under each plan.