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Cleghorn Oil Payment Plans

Cleghorn Oil Service offers four service plan options designed to help protect your equipment so it runs at peak efficiency all year long. Whether your heating system old or new, Cleghorn has you covered with a choice of preventive maintenance and the option to protect yourself against potential repair costs.  Plus, all of our service plans cover your fuel tank too – including fuel tank replacement.



This plan requires a lump sum payment in advance for your anticipated fuel consumption for the heating season. This fixed price program allows customers to take care of their heating costs with one payment and offers protection from seasonal price increases only. Your price will neither increase nor decrease with this plan. Any excess consumption over the enrolled gallons is billed at Cleghorn market price on the date of delivery. For a fee, this plan is eligible for Downside Price which ensures your price will not rise, but could fall if the Peterson’s market price is lower than your contracted price on the day of your delivery. When prices fall, Downside Price Protection is a smart choice.



This plan is for customers who wish to have a fixed price for oil and a convenient monthly payment. Our installment plan permits the customer to make 10 consecutive monthly payments. Any excess consumption over the enrolled gallons is billed at Cleghorn market price on the date of delivery. The price for this plan is based upon futures prices. This plan is also eligible for Downside Price Protection.



A choice for someone who would like to have a convenient monthly payment, the budget plan allows you to budget your payments over several months. Your monthly budget bill is based on anticipated usage and current market price, and your deliveries are priced at prevailing market price at time of delivery. We may elect to adjust your monthly payments mid-season to reflect significant changes in market and weather conditions, and/or your personal consumption.



This is our default payment-pricing plan. You pay the posted market price for the day of your delivery. Enrollment is not necessary. It is possible to convert to a fixed price plan at any time based on prevailing rates at time of conversion. The delivery ticket left at your door is your invoice.



This is a great plan for tenants and others who are not responsible for maintaining their heating equipment. You receive a 16-cent-per-gallon discount is available on any payment made within five days of delivery (which is billed at the market rate.) You may choose to receive automatic delivery.

Please Note: Tenants may not be eligible for the Just Oil plan pending the agreement between the Landlord and Peterson Oil Service.  Please call our office for details.



No matter which payment plan option you choose, you’ll be able to enroll in automatic payments. Eliminate the hassle of manual payments with auto-draft from your checking account or auto-pay through your credit card.

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